Collection: 1715 Fleet Coins Framed

The 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet is a tale of maritime tragedy and treasure that still captures imaginations today. Here’s a condensed version of its story:

On July 24, 1715, a convoy of 11 Spanish ships, laden with a vast fortune from the New World, set sail from Havana, Cuba, bound for Spain. Their cargo was a bounty of gold, silver, and jewels intended for the Spanish crown. The fleet was delayed and embarked on the journey during hurricane season. As they navigated the treacherous waters, a fierce hurricane struck on July 31, 1715, scattering and sinking the ships along Florida’s coastline.The loss of the fleet was a significant blow to Spain’s economy. While some of the treasure was recovered shortly after the disaster, much remained lost until modern treasure hunters began rediscoveries in the 1960s. The ship was discovered in 1965 by Kip Wagner and his team.

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