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The ship Nuestra Señora de La Pura y Limpia Concepcion, commonly known as the Concepcion, has a storied past that intertwines with the history of maritime exploration and treasure hunting. Here’s a brief tale of its fate:

In 1641, the Concepcion was part of a Spanish treasure fleet that set sail from Havana, Cuba, bound for Seville, Spain. Laden with immense wealth, including silver from New World mines and exotic treasures from the Orient, the fleet was caught in a hurricane shortly after departure. The Concepcion already damaged and ill equipped for such a journey struggled and ran aground on a reef north of Hispaniola, which is now called the Dominican Republic. in 1687 Captain William Phipps discovered the wreck and salvaged part of it treasure. It wasn't until 1978 Burt Webber Junior recovered 60,000 Silver Cobs from the site. The Concepcion was one of the most significant Spanish wrecks of all time, serving the Spanish with a loss of over 100 tons of silver and gold treasure.

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